How to prepare for sanding and polishing of timber floors

refinishing1aHaving a timber floor is good. It is one of the best Glowood Floor Sanding Sydney. Due to age, the floor may be appearing uneven and dull. A good solution to this is to sand and polish the floor. These two processes are simple but require enough preparation. There are certain things that you must do before sanding and polishing your timber floor. The following are the things you need to do before the floor is sanded or polished;

  1. Move the indoor plants outside. Sanding and polishing involves chemicals. Chemicals involved might affect your indoor plants in one way or another. You should therefore remove indoor plants from the area that is being sanded and polished.
  2. Ensure there is power supply. In the case where you have hired a company to do the sanding and polishing you have to make sure that there is adequate power. One plug may be enough but having more than one plug is convenient. The day you have scheduled them to come is the worst day to have them delayed due to power problems. It may result in extra costs.
  3. Ample parking for the vehicles and heavy machinery. At times the sanding process involves heavy machinery. The company hired to do the work will most probably come with a truck. Ensure there is ample parking and ease of access at you residence. Lack of access may result in extra charges as it may result in need for extra labor. Make sure the company does not involve any extra labor if you want to keep the cost as cheap as possible.